Cast List for “Flaming Idiots”

We had a fantastic turnout and your talent made my job of casting very difficult. Please find the cast list below:

Phylis: Mariah H. (Samantha R. as understudy (US))
Carla: Lauren E. (Tyler G. as US)
Bernadette: Megan W. (Deana M. as US)
Jeanne (Eugene): Caroline J. (Adriana W. as US)
Jayne: Veda L. (Katie R. as US)
Task: Matthew R. (Danny H. as US)
Ernesto: Josh R. (Danny H. as US)
Louie: Chris D.
Body: Danny H.

If anyone would like to decline a role, please let Ms. Rzepecki know immediately. If you were cast as an understudy, please come to the read-thru tomorrow (Friday).

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