Thespians of Troupe 1003 (TIPS)

Students, it is your responsibility to enter your points for each show. Use the point guide to help you enter the correct position/role and points. If you need help/assistance, please see your club secretary!

Students wishing to become part of Thespians, Troupe 1003, must also enter their points. You must have 10 points to be inducted. Our troupe inducts new members in May at the end of the year banquet.

Mrs. LeBeau makes the final decision regarding the awarding of Thespian points, and may adjust as necessary. If you don’t see a role or event listed, remember that 1 point represents approximately 10 hours of excellent work.

Current Students:

  • Honor Thespians
  • Thespians
    • Natalie Mancia
    • Kianna Smith
    • Brandon Champagne
    • Sandra McDonald
    • Andie Nichols
    • Alicia Perez
    • Rachel Whelan
    • Gracie Lugo
    • Beatrice Pruitt
    • Sarah Wolfgang
    • Camille Ulsh

Alumni Honors and Updates:

  • International Honor Thespians
    • Joshua Plante
  • National Honor Thespians
    • Mason Gray
    • Elizabeth Barrett
  • Honor Thespians
    • Felicia Cruz-Fernandez
    • Rebecca Kurland
    • Mariah Hamby
    • Joshua Ramko
    • Megan Wager