August 28, 2014



Start: 3:17


  • If you are interested in Large Group, please sign up, if more than 16 people sign up we will hold auditions.
  • Small groups are also available, so don’t forget to sign up!
  • Don’t forget no Gender-bending.
  • If an event (except large group) passes 5 people signed up, Ms.Rzepecki will hold auditions to see which 5 go.

T- Shirts!

  • Designs are due by September 25!
  • The design must included the troupe number, (1003) the VHS colors, (Red and Navy) and Nelson, (our mascot).
  • Everyone doesn’t HAVE to design a T-Shirt, but the more the merrier!

Thespian point!

  • Make sure to track you points during the year!
  • You can find all the info for point values here :

Yellow cards!

  • Yellow cards and $30 dues and both due by September 25
  • If they are not turned in then you are not in the club!

Our next meeting is September 11th!  8:15Am and 3:15pm

End at 3:29

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