Troupe 1003 Officers and Director

 Your 2018-2019 VHS Players Officers and Director

President: Gracie Lugo

Vice President: Sandra McDonald

Parliamentarian: Andie Nichols

Andie is a junior in the IB program here at Vanguard, and her second year of drama club. She started the second semester of sophomore year and loved it! She is currently a club member in drama, debate, robotics, Reverb, and National Honor Society. She competes in equestrian jumping, and volunteers at the local equestrian hospital; while also working as a tutor, model, photographer’s assistance, a barn assistance, and a manager at The Fittest Writing Company. She loves to express herself through writing, acting, drawing or anything that allows her to create. Well, that’s all she can think about to share, so that’s her!

Secretary: Natalie Mancia

Historian: Beatrice Pruitt

Publicity Manager: 

Social Media Manager: Kianna Smith

Director: Mrs. Sarah LeBeau

Mrs. LeBeau is currently the director of Troupe 1003, and the VHS Players at Vanguard High School. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Theatre Education from East Carolina University. Before her career at VHS in 2009, she could be seen on stage and screen. Her favorite role to date is Brooke/Vicki in the Ocala Civic Theatre production of Noises Off!. She met her loving & supporting husband in 2010, and tied the knot March, 2015. She can be found muttering “It’s in the syllabus” or “You’re always auditioning” in her classroom, where you can find her if you need help with ANYTHING…well, except math. She and her husband welcomed their son into the world this September, 2018.

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