Commedia 2.0

Tickets are now on sale for our brand new show, Commedia 2.0! Buy Tickets Here What is Commedia 2.0? (pronounced ka-me′dē-ah). Friday night, the VHS Players actors will put on an improv show, in the style of Who’s Line Is It Anyway?. Meanwhile, we will have 1 or 2 playwrights sitting in the audience (with you!) watchingContinue reading “Commedia 2.0”

Cast List for “Flaming Idiots”

We had a fantastic turnout and your talent made my job of casting very difficult. Please find the cast list below: Phylis: Mariah H. (Samantha R. as understudy (US)) Carla: Lauren E. (Tyler G. as US) Bernadette: Megan W. (Deana M. as US) Jeanne (Eugene): Caroline J. (Adriana W. as US) Jayne: Veda L. (KatieContinue reading “Cast List for “Flaming Idiots””

Auditions for “Flaming Idiots”

AUDITIONS Mon AUG 25th @ 3:15pm in Ms. Rzepecki’s room and Tue AUG 26th @ 3:15pm in Ms. Rzepecki’s room and Wed AUG 27th @ 3:15pm in Ms. Rzepecki’s room. Please plan on attending only ONE of these preliminary auditions. ROLES: PHIL: An average guy (m) CARL: Phil’s average friend (m) TASK: Officer of theContinue reading “Auditions for “Flaming Idiots””