Meeting Minutes 02/19/20

A) Call to order
3:00 pm

B) Roll call of Officers
Rachel Whelan

C) Reading of minutes from last meeting
The minutes from the meeting of January 15 were approved.

D) Reports of Officers
a) Auditions for The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) [revised] on Mon or Tue, Feb 24-25. Only attend one of the auditions. Rehearsal schedule and audition form is on Performances April 16-18

b) Start brainstorming Teacher Appreciation Week gift ideas. Keep it budget friendly.

c) Wait staff and box office for Blood Relation this Friday and Saturday. Please sign up with Beatrice!

E) Report of the Director
No information to report

F) Unfinished Business

G) Announcements for the Good of the Group

*Brandon got an email from an Australian Publishing Company, but it was fake, so that was disappointing.
*Emmaline tried out for the Beach Volleyball team, but she doesn’t think she made it.
*DJ got an email from the Art Institute in California, but he doesn’t like California.

(Director’s note: I feel like there’s a lot of disappointment in this club…)

*Alicia went to Flagler and was only 1 of 4 non-white people there.
*Andie was accepted into FSU, and is waiting to hear from USF, because that’s her dream school.

H) Next Meeting
March 11

I) Adjournment
3:13 pm

Total Attendance: 13

Meeting Minutes 01/15/2020

A) Call to order
3:05 pm

B) Roll call of Officers
100% attendance

C) Reading of minutes from last meeting
The minutes from the meeting of December 18 were approved.

D) Reports of Officers
a) Welcome new members!

b) IHOP Fundraiser – January 17th at IHOP from 2-10pm

-Have a meal and mention your supporting the VHS Players and 20% of you check goes to the club.

-Please attend and drag a friend to support!

c) Murder Mystery Auditions! Tuesday, January 21 after school

-No prepared script required. Just bring you best improve wits!

-Light rehearsal scheduling

d) New Embroidered Jackets!

-Estimated $35

-VHS Players design with optional colors, name, and title

-Jacket Links



E) Report of the Director
a) Club Photo- February 4th

-Remind: when to pick up pass

-Wear your club shirt!

F) Unfinished Business

G) Announcements for the Good of the Group

*Alicia announced she was accepted to Flagler College.
*Bea’s birthday is coming up! (Feb 7)
*Gracie has two jobs!

H) Next Meeting
February 19th

I) Adjournment
3:34 pm

Total Attendance: 18


PLEASE come out and support us NEXT FRIDAY, January 17th at IHOP.

Have a meal, and mention that you are there to support the VHS Players Drama Club.

Sadly, our Chipotle fundraiser did not bring enough people in for them to donate a check, and our Panda Express fundraiser only raised $10 and change.

IHOP is going to donate 20% of your check back to the club, and it will run Friday, January 17 from 2-10pm. YOU MUST MENTION THE CLUB IN ORDER FOR US TO GET THE 20%.

Click to RSVP

Meeting Minutes 11/20/19

A) Call to order
2:58 pm

B) Roll call of Officers
Andie Nichols- Excused
Rachel Whelan- Unexcused

C) Reading of minutes from last meeting
The minutes from the meeting of October 22 were approved.

D) Reports of Officers
a) Chipotle flyers were distributed. Please attend, tell all your friends. Monday, December 9th from 4:00pm-8:00pm. IF WE DON’T REACH A MINIMUM, WE DO NOT GET ANY MONEY FROM THE EVENT.

b) Panda Express fundraiser is this Saturday! You MUST have a flyer for this one (hardcopy or on your phone).  Please attend and drag your friends.

c) Played Grandma’s Coming. Alicia was grandma first round, and Emma won. Second round, Dan was grandma and kept calling Sarah, Beatrice, so Beatrice became grandma and Brandon won.

E) Report of the Director
a) is now ours! The dash is no longer necessary, but still live.

b) We need to up our social media game ten fold. We are no longer allowed to email the district about our upcoming events, so please use your own social media to promote VHS Players social media.

Twitter: @ vhsplayers
Facebook: @vanguardplayers
Instagram: @ vhsplayers

c) We made $245 from Coffeehouse Cabaret

F) Unfinished Business

G) Announcements for the Good of the Group

H) Next Meeting
December 18th

I) Adjournment
3:21 pm

Total Attendance: 10

Panda Express Fundraiser This Saturday

Help out the VHS Players by dining at Panda Express (3435 SW College Rd) THIS Saturday, Nov. 23, for lunch or dinner. Show this flyer on your phone (or print it out), when you pay, and the VHS Players will receive 20% of your total donated to the VHS Players Drama Club.

If you order online, enter 306087 in the promo code box during checkout.

The event runs from 11:00 AM to 10:30 PM. Thank you in advance for your support!!!

Coffeehouse Cabaret

Tickets are now on sale for Coffeehouse Cabaret.

If you have never been to our evening of songs, monologues and more, then you are missing out! For one night only, the Vanguard High School Theatre classroom will be transformed into a coffeehouse. An official VHS Players coffee mug will be your ticket for the evening, to enjoy unlimited coffee, cocoa or cider. There will be a complimentary baked goods bar and two acts of entertainment. Act one will be a variety of performances by students, staff, and alumni, and act two is a performance of the one-act, Ghosts in the Machine.
Tickets are $15, and you will get one of our lovely new mugs:




If you have previous years official VHS Players mug,

bring it with you, and save $5 ($10 ticket).




Performance in the Knights Little Theatre (Building 7, Room 3)

Commedia 2.0

Tickets are now on sale for our brand new show, Commedia 2.0!

Buy Tickets Here

What is Commedia 2.0? (pronounced ka-me′dē-ah).

Friday night, the VHS Players actors will put on an improv show, in the style of Who’s Line Is It Anyway?. Meanwhile, we will have 1 or 2 playwrights sitting in the audience (with you!) watching the show, and getting inspired. After the show, the playwrights will go home and write a one-act script that is based on characters, situations and stories that were developed during the improv show.

Saturday morning, the actors and playwrights will return and will cast and rehearse the written shows. Saturday evening, you, our audience, come back and watch the shows!

If you only choose to come one night, that is okay, and tickets are only $5.00

If you decide to attend both nights of entertainment, tickets are only $7.00

We hope you come out to support the VHS Players! And we encourage you to tell your friends and bring them with you! Help us spread the word by sharing our webpage.