Coffeehouse Cabaret

Tickets are now on sale for Coffeehouse Cabaret. If you have never been to our evening of songs, monologues and more, then you are missing out! For one night only, the Vanguard High School Theatre classroom will be transformed into a coffeehouse. An official VHS Players coffee mug will be your ticket for the evening, toContinue reading “Coffeehouse Cabaret”

Commedia 2.0

Tickets are now on sale for our brand new show, Commedia 2.0! Buy Tickets Here What is Commedia 2.0? (pronounced ka-me′dē-ah). Friday night, the VHS Players actors will put on an improv show, in the style of Who’s Line Is It Anyway?. Meanwhile, we will have 1 or 2 playwrights sitting in the audience (with you!) watchingContinue reading “Commedia 2.0”

Cast List for “Flaming Idiots”

We had a fantastic turnout and your talent made my job of casting very difficult. Please find the cast list below: Phylis: Mariah H. (Samantha R. as understudy (US)) Carla: Lauren E. (Tyler G. as US) Bernadette: Megan W. (Deana M. as US) Jeanne (Eugene): Caroline J. (Adriana W. as US) Jayne: Veda L. (KatieContinue reading “Cast List for “Flaming Idiots””

Auditions for “Flaming Idiots”

AUDITIONS Mon AUG 25th @ 3:15pm in Ms. Rzepecki’s room and Tue AUG 26th @ 3:15pm in Ms. Rzepecki’s room and Wed AUG 27th @ 3:15pm in Ms. Rzepecki’s room. Please plan on attending only ONE of these preliminary auditions. ROLES: PHIL: An average guy (m) CARL: Phil’s average friend (m) TASK: Officer of theContinue reading “Auditions for “Flaming Idiots””