Till Death Do Us Part

Monday January 9th, 2023
at 3:00 in the Black Box (07-003)

February 10-11 at 6pm

Audition Form


  • We are also looking for people to work behind the scenes to assist with serving, sound, lights, props, set construction, box office, ushering & costumes. If you are interested in the production side of the show, please see Mrs. LeBeau.
  • No experience necessary.


  • The audition form has the rehearsal schedule, so you can write down any conflicts. Auditions will consist of improv games and cold readings from the script.
  • Looking for strong, passionate actors, all ages and ethnicities are encouraged to audition. Please do not type yourself out.


Robert Hanover Groom. Charlotte’s son. Snobby, whiney momma’s boy.

Chauncy White: Robert’s Best Man and friend. Very competitive. Beatnik look.

Norman Swineherd:Father of the Bride. Lost his pig farm 13 years ago. Vegetarian hippie garbage collector with dreams of opening a commune for displaced vegan pig farmers.

Charlotte Hanover: Robert’s mom. Snobby Socialite.

Diamond Swinherd: Bride. Norman’s daughter. She would do anything for her dad. Devoted daughter. Loves music and is often found humming and dancing.

Fern Mathis: Norman’s widowed sister. Nast mischievous gossip who loves to play victim.

Preacher Billy: Preacher Norman’s best friend and lover of all things Tim Leary.

Jarvis: Charlotte’s manservent.

Harmony: Diamond’s bestie and Maid of Honor.

Nicole “Coco”: Robert’s nanny.

Gardenia: Friend and in love with Robert. She will confess her love.