12 Angry Jurors Callbacks

Thank you for a great turnout! 50 terrific actors that we have to narrow down to a bakers dozen plus a couple of voices.

If your name is listed, please try to memorize the linked monologue as much as possible. The callbacks will be at the FHS auditorium at 4:15. Please plan on staying for the full 2 hours.

We, your directors, wanted to give you a list of things to help you succeed for the callbacks.

1.You are men and women of the 1950s. Take a moment to look at what they wore and how they acted. Key figures at this time were Elizabeth Taylor, Doris Day, Elvis, James Dean, Frank Sinatra, Harry Truman, Martin Luther King Jr., etc.
2.Be aware of your environment. The play is set in a hot Chicago summer in the 1950s. Believe it or not, Midwest summers are hotter than Florida summers. The courthouse isn’t air conditioned. Plus you have been on a jury for a week. You have better places to be (the theatre, sick kid, etc.) It starts off with one person keeping you from freedom and after several hours people are changing their mind.

3.Movement is a big issue. You have a window, door, and water cooler. Do not be afraid to move out of your seat and explore the room, especially the downstage area. Think of big movements. Think of small hand gestures. If you choose to be angry, what movements (other than just smacking the table) can you use?
4.Follow your gut and make choices. “Act before you think!”

(In no particular order)

Monica Lucio

Kameron Bruha

Brittany Churchill

Kiley Reyes

Savannah Swain

Michelle Gorski

Melissa Gillum

Kiane King

Jasmine Monterio

Victoria Dewitt

Ricardo Fernandez

Mike Hernandez

Carley Ray

Kirsten Wellborn

Rebekah Leppert

Jasmine Henry

Rachel Wilson

Rachel Rizzo

Alex Blaznik

Cassandra Schwartz

Carl Broughton

Devin David

Celestina Fasci

Paul Davidson

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