12 Angry Jurors Cast List

We, your directors, would like to thank everyone, again, for sharing their talent with us. It is always hard to narrow a list down, and if you don’t see your name, we hope this does not discourage you from future auditions!

First rehearsal will be TUESDAY, September 27th at 4:15 at FHS.

**Please get your contract and permission form from your director and bring them with you (signed) to Tuesdays rehearsal!!!!

Foreman: Alex Blaznik

Juror No. Two: Cassandra Schwartz

Juror No. Three: Mike Hernandez

Juror No. Four: Kiley Reyes

Juror No. Five: Celestina Fasci

Juror No. Six: Gregory Chandler

Juror No. Seven: Carley Ray

Juror No. Eight: Rachel Wilson

Juror No. Nine: Rebekah Leppert

Juror No. Ten: Monica Lucio

Juror No. Eleven: Savannah Swain

Juror No. Twelve: Jasmine Monteiro

Guards: Paul Davidson

Devin  David

Judge: Ricardo Fernandez

Clerk/SM/Understudy of all roles: Kameron Bruha

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