Grease Cast List

Thank you to everyone who came out! We had a fantastic showing and a ton of talent to choose from! As a result, we created 3 female parts! Congratulations to the following:

Danny- David Leppert

Kenickie- Alex Blaznik

Doody- Zack Calder

Roger- Gregory Chandler

Sonny- Carl Broughton

Eugene- Lane Pindell

Vince Fontaine- Gabe Prieto

Johnny Casino- Christian Sierra

Teen Angel- Christian Sierra

Sandy- Victoria Sexton

Rizzo- Brooke Eliot

Frenchy- Chelsea Skye

Marty- Lynnea Rhodes

Jan- Jacqueline Rojas

Patty- Rebekah Leppert

Cha-Cha- Mary Roberts

Miss Lynch- Melissa Kays

Beauty School Drop Out Girls-

Caylinn Mosblech

Kelsey Plante

Ashley Broughton

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