Officers for 2019-2020

Congratulations to the following. These are your officers for the 2019-2020 school year: President: Alicia Perez Vice President: Andie Nichols Secretary: Rachel Whelan Parliamentarian: Emmaline Carroll Historian: Beatrice Pruitt Publicity Manager: Brandon Champagne

2017-2018 Officers

Your 2017-2018 VHS Players Officers and Director President: Felicia Cruz-Fernandez Vice President of Operations: Joshua Plante Vice President of Project Management: Bryce Curtis Secretary: Mason Gray Historian: Rebecca Kurland Publicity Manager: Qwazia Lanier Social Media Manager: Leah McTaggart

2015-2016 Officers

Your officers for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year! President: Mariah Hamby Vice President: Josh Ramko Secretary: Megan Wager Parliamentarian: Claudia Durrett-Cook Historian: Felicia Cruz-Fernandez Marketing Director: Andy Diaz Webmaster: Joshua Plante Sponsor/Director: Mrs. Sarah LeBeau


Your officers for 2014-2015 President: Elizabeth B. Vice President: Caroline J. Parliamentarian: Mariah H. Secretary: Daniel H. Marketing Director: Kayla M. Historian: Lauren E. Webmaster: Katie R.

28 August 2013 Minutes

Introduction of officers (see homepage) Make a t-shirt design- submit it by September 20th, and incorporate Nelson, troupe 1003 Districts- competing at CF, multiple schools compete in individual events both performance and technical, and is on Dec. 6-7, will have sign-ups closer to districts (check out!) Officers- meeting Sept. 7th for theme ideas. Tell us your ideas about what … More 28 August 2013 Minutes

Officers for 2013-2014

Your Officers for next year (2013-2014) President: Zackery Calder Vice President: Jasmine Henry Publicity Manager: Elizabeth Barrett Secretary: Melissa Kays Historian: Cassandra Schwartz Parliamentarian: Caroline Jackson Webmaster: Rebekah Leppert

2012-2013 Officers

The votes are in! President: Alex Blaznik Vice President: Jasmine Henry Secretary: Melissa Kays Treasurer: Lane Pindell Parliamentarian: Jacob Lenamond Historian: Kirsten Wellborn & Maria Hyde Webmaster: Cassandra Schwartz