Grease Call Backs

I would like to see the following after school tomorrow, Friday Feb 4: (Names are listed in no particular order)

Sanchez Lofton

Cameron Livingston

Gabe Prieto

Carl Broughton

Cornelius Rawls

Gregory Chandler

Christian Sierra

Zack Calder

Lane Pindell

David Leppert

Alex Blaznik

Brody Hall

Christian Silva


Zoe Raduns

Ashley Broughton

Savyia Roberts

Rachel Rizzo

Kelsey Plante

Mary Roberts

Gabriela Valentin

Rebekah Leppert

Melissa Kays

Jacqueline Rojas

Christine Miller

Brooke Eliot

Chelsea Life

Susan Rimel

Victoria Sexton

*Please keep in mind, if you don’t see your name listed, it doesn’t mean you are not going to be cast!

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