Coffeehouse Cabaret

Tickets are now on sale for Coffeehouse Cabaret.

If you have never been to our evening of songs, monologues and more, then you are missing out! For one night only, the Vanguard High School Theatre classroom will be transformed into a coffeehouse. An official VHS Players coffee mug will be your ticket for the evening, to enjoy unlimited coffee, cocoa or cider. There will be a complimentary baked goods bar and two acts of entertainment. Act one will be a variety of performances by students, staff, and alumni, and act two is a performance of the one-act, Ghosts in the Machine.
Tickets are $15, and you will get one of our lovely new mugs:




If you have previous years official VHS Players mug,

bring it with you, and save $5 ($10 ticket).




Performance in the Knights Little Theatre (Building 7, Room 3)

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