Meeting Minutes 10/21/20

A) Call to order 
3:00 PM 

B) Roll call of Officers 
Camille Ush absent 

C) Approval of minutes from last meeting 


Gracie Lugo talked about districts and she covered what I.Es are and the date they needed to be recorded by. They will be called regionals this year and will be online . Sign up in Mrs.Lebeaus room for districts. For more information go to 

E) Coffee house cabaret  

Emmaline Carrol went over coffeehouse cabaret. Coffeehouse cabaret is a district showcase or talent show but other performances or acts are welcome. 

Examples: Singing, acting, playing an instrument, and even magic! 

We also need people to do crew and serve coffee, so if you aren’t ready to act on stage this is a perfect opportunity. 

F)  Thespian Points 

Sara Hardy went over thespian points. Thespian points are earned by acting, watching, or being in a show. They can also be earned by going to d12 meetings or thespian Thursdays. Everyone updated their thespian point papers or got a new one if they’re new to the club. 

G) Announcements for the Good of the Grou 

  • Gracie and Tyler got into a car accident (they were okay!)
  • There was a new member 

H) Next Meeting 
November 18th 

I) Adjournment 
3:20 PM 

Total Attendance: 11 

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