Meeting Minutes 09/16/20

A) Call to order
4:00 pm

B) Roll call of Officers
Sara Hardy absent

C) Reading of minutes from last meeting
First meeting of the year.

D) Reports of Officers
a) Play in a Day: Oct 9-10. Sign up on

b) Districts: Called “Regionals” this year. Learn more at

c) T-Shirt Design: most likely a black short sleeve shirt, with a llama and troupe 1003 on the front, and Troupe 1003 on the back in the same style. Cost will be a separate cost and cheapest is $15.

E) Report of the Director
Reiterate that t-shirts will be a separate cost, and the cheapest will probably be $15.
Dues are cheaper this year due to Covid. $5
To pay dues you will be put on the debt list and pay through skyward.
Two pieces of paperwork are required, and the paperwork requires 3 parent signatures.
We will NOT be using REMIND this year, all communication with club members will be in MS Teams. See Mrs. LeBeau for the code.

F) Unfinished Business
First meeting

G) Announcements for the Good of the Group

H) Next Meeting
October 7th

I) Adjournment
4:31 pm

Total Attendance: 8

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