Restaurant Fundraisers

We are working on setting up a restaurant fundraiser for the remainder of the school year on the first and third Thursday of each month. With these fundraisers, the rules are pretty much the same:

1- Most restaurants require that you present a flyer for the club with each order to receive credit for the fundraiser.

2- Flyers may NOT be distributed inside or within vicinity of the restaurant including, without limitation to, the restaurant parking lot before or during the fundraiser.

3- The percentage that the club receives ranges from 10-50%, depending on the restaurant.

We need your help spreading the word and distributing flyers BEFORE the event. Parents, take a stack to work and leave in a common area, email the flyer to your local friends and family. Invite them to our Facebook page event for each restaurant, etc.

The list on the HOME PAGE will be updated each week, with links to each flyer and the time. If the rules change for that particular fundraiser, that will be listed as well.

Thank you in advance for your help in promoting our restaurant fundraisers. If you need flyers printed out for you, a stack for each will be available in Mrs. LeBeau’s classroom.

Now! Let’s get out there, eat some good food and raise money for the drama club!!! 🙂

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