Oct. 13, 2011


Only solo musical Auditions. You can audition Today, Morning or afternoon, through Monday morning. There will be no pianist so you can sing either a capella or with a CD.

Everything is closed, you cannot sign up for anything more.

Fill out district papers and bring in money. If you do not have the papers see Ms. Rzepecki. Each event being done is five dollars, no more than four performance pieces.

If you would like to just watch districts the fee is 10 dollars, and if you would like a district shirt that is another 10.

December 3 is districts at Oak Hall in Gainesville from (in the morning to 10 at night. Get your own transportation to Gainesville.

Please talk to your parents to chaperone this trip. They are allowed free admission.

If money and paperwork are not turned in by NEXT FRIDAY you do not go to districts.

Be sure to check the Call Board and website often for new updates!

Our next meeting is on October 27.

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