Barrett Weed

Barrett Weed is a Broadway actress and is best known for originating the roles of Veronica Sawyer in the Off-Broadway production of “Heathers: The Musical” and originatin gthe role of Janis Sarkisian in the Broadway production of “Mean Girls”. 

She is graciously giving her time to do Zoom Q&A’s with theatre students, and I have set up a time and date with her. (Thank your president, Alicia, for giving me a heads up on this opportunity). 
THERE ARE A LIMITED NUMBER OF SEATS. Please let me know if you want (and CAN) attend, and I will put you on a list to send you the meeting link. If we exceed the number of seats, I will do a random draw. Please think of several questions you would like to ask her, and create a priority list, as you may not get to ask all of them, and someone else may ask the same question you have.

The meeting is Wednesday, May 13 at 2pm.

Please RSVP before this Friday, May 8th. If you do not get a response back from Mrs. LeBeau, she did NOT get it, and you will need to contact her again.

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