Meeting Minutes 11/20/19

A) Call to order
2:58 pm

B) Roll call of Officers
Andie Nichols- Excused
Rachel Whelan- Unexcused

C) Reading of minutes from last meeting
The minutes from the meeting of October 22 were approved.

D) Reports of Officers
a) Chipotle flyers were distributed. Please attend, tell all your friends. Monday, December 9th from 4:00pm-8:00pm. IF WE DON’T REACH A MINIMUM, WE DO NOT GET ANY MONEY FROM THE EVENT.

b) Panda Express fundraiser is this Saturday! You MUST have a flyer for this one (hardcopy or on your phone).  Please attend and drag your friends.

c) Played Grandma’s Coming. Alicia was grandma first round, and Emma won. Second round, Dan was grandma and kept calling Sarah, Beatrice, so Beatrice became grandma and Brandon won.

E) Report of the Director
a) is now ours! The dash is no longer necessary, but still live.

b) We need to up our social media game ten fold. We are no longer allowed to email the district about our upcoming events, so please use your own social media to promote VHS Players social media.

Twitter: @ vhsplayers
Facebook: @vanguardplayers
Instagram: @ vhsplayers

c) We made $245 from Coffeehouse Cabaret

F) Unfinished Business

G) Announcements for the Good of the Group

H) Next Meeting
December 18th

I) Adjournment
3:21 pm

Total Attendance: 10

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