September 1 Meeting Minutes


A) Call to order
3:00 pm

B) Roll call of Officers
Melaja Rodriguez (unexcused)
Bella Chevalier (tardy)

C) Reading of minutes from last meeting
The minutes from the meeting of August 18th were approved.

D) Reports of Officers
a) Panda Express Fundraiser Sept. 15th. Please present the flyer when ordering.
b) 24 Hour Play: Just show up Friday, the 16th for the time of your life. We’ll take care of the rest.
c) Scottish Society: Interested? Sign up with Mrs. LeBeau, she will get with you on “rehearsal”. (No memorization needed). Performance is Saturday, Sept. 10th.
d) Program Ad Sales: Highest seller gets a free trip to Districts AND State, OR a monetary gift card.
e) Districts Informational Meeting: Next week on Thursday the 8th, after school. Meeting should last approx. 15-25 minutes. Districts is a TON of fun, please come to the meeting, even if you don’t plan on performing. We will talk about how to get volunteer hours.
f) “Order” your t-shirt. Even if you are on a payment plan, you need to “order” your shirt size online. Please fill out the form by clicking here. If you do not order one, you will not get the included club t-shirt. Your dues are your payment. For more info, click here.

E) Unfinished business

F) Announcements for the Good of the Group
Sign Up for Districts. Lots of fun.

G) Next Meeting
District Informational Meeting: 9-8-16

H) Adjournment
3:15 pm

Total Attendance: 13

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