Feb. 18th Meeting Minutes

A) Call to order
Morning meeting: 8:00 am
Afternoon meeting: 3:00 pm

B) Roll call of Officers
Morning meeting: Mariah Hamby (excused absence), Andy Diaz (absent),
Claudia Durrett-Cook (absent), Felicia Cruz (absent), Joshua Ramko (absent)
Afternoon meeting: Claudia Durrett-Cook (absent)

C) Reading of minutes from last meeting
The minutes from the meeting of Feb 4th. were approved.

D) Reports of Officers
a) The Chipotle fundraiser made $325.78. Keep it up!!
Reminder about remind! Text @vhsplayer to 81010 to keep up with meetings.n And www.vhs-players.com for ALL information. 

E) Unfinished business
Restaurant Fundraisers
-Chili’s, (11am-11pm)  A hard copy of the flyer must be presented.
b) Mixed Bag Fundraiser: Turn in money and orders on 2/29
c) Café Murder! Promote! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter!!!

F) New business
Club Picture on February 23rd–11:05 am
You must be wearing a club shirt (We will provide one if you do not have one already). You must also get a pass form Mrs. LeBeau or you cannot come.
We will be at Bruster’s on April 7th (5-9pm). We are in need of  “celebrity scoopers” and people to hang out to tell people to support us!!

G) Next Meeting
March 3rd, 2016 at 8am and 3pm.
Until then, spread the word and stay connected via: social media, vhs-players.com, remind 101.

H) Adjournment
Morning meeting: 8:06 am
Afternoon meeting: 3:05 pm 

Total Attendance: 15


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