Feb. 4th Meeting Minutes

A) Call To Order
Morning meeting: 8:09 am
Afternoon meeting: 2:59 pm

B) Roll call of Officers
Morning meeting: Mariah Hamby ( excused absence), Andy Diaz (absent), Megan Wager (absent), Felicia Cruz (absent)
Afternoon meeting: Mariah Hamby (excused absence), Felicia Cruz (absent), Andy Diaz(absent)

C) Reading of minutes from last meeting
The minutes from the meeting of Feb 3. were approved.

D) Reports of Officers
a) Our Cafe Murder mystery show would love volunteers to be wait staff. Volunteer hours are given for participating.
b) The next restaurant fundraiser is Chili’s!
Be sure to fund raise for our Scotland trip! It’s a once in a lifetime experience.                Fundraising ends Feb. 28. 

E) Unfinished business
No unfinished business to attend to.

F) New business
No new business to attend to.

G) Next Meeting
February 18th , 2016 at 8am and 3pm
Until then, spread the word and stay connected via: social media, vhs-players.com, remind 101

H) Adjournment
Morning meeting: 8:16 am
Afternoon meeting: 3:08 pm

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