Jan. 7th Meeting Minutes

A) Call to order
Morning meeting: 8:16 am
Afternoon meeting: 3:04 pm  

B) Roll call of Officers
Morning meeting: Mariah Hamby (absent), Andy Diaz (absent)
Afternoon meeting: Mariah Hamby (absent), Felicia Cruz (absent)    

C) Reading of minutes from last meeting
The minutes from the meeting of Dec 3. were approved.           

D) Reports of Officers            

     a) Be sure to update your thespian points!                

     b) Reminder about remind! Text @vhsplayer to 81010 to keep up with meetings. And               www.vhs-players.com for ALL information.

c)  Chipotle is our next restaurant fundraiser!! It is on Jan 7th. We want to really                       promote this because 50% of the profit goes to the VHS-Players. Be sure to promote           ahead of time. There will be a rotation of restaurants every two weeks.

d) The deadline for State dues is Jan 5th

E) Unfinished business

a) No unfinished business to attend to.

F) New business

a) The winners of the Mr. and Mrs. VHS pageant has been decided. Congratulations to            Joshua Ramko and Claudia Durrett-Cook for they have been chosen to represent the            VHS Players!!

G) Next Meeting
January 21st  , 2016 at 8am and 3pm
Until then, spread the word and stay connected via: social media, vhs-players.com, remind 101

H) Adjournment
Morning meeting: 8:23 am
Afternoon meeting: 3:10 pm

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