Sept. 17 Meeting Minutes

I. Call to order
Morning meeting: 8:13 am
Afternoon meeting: 3.01 pm

II. Roll call of Officers
Morning meeting: absent, Josh Plante (excused),
Claudia Durrett-Cook (absent)
Afternoon meeting: no absences or tardies.

III. Reading of minutes from last meeting
The minutes from the meeting of Sept.3 were approved.

IV. Reports of Officers

a. Districts- $40 for all events
$10 for a t-shirt
$10 to observe only
$5 to door/time keep only.
Packets will be available next week both online and in person.

b. State- Increased to $130 plus hotel costs.

c. Ad sales- Brochures available to collect ad sales. It is a tax write off, and the person with the highest amount of money in sales will win a free trip to state or a cash prize (if you aren’t going to state)

d. Constitution and bylaws are posted on the website under the tab “VHSPlayers/Troupe 1003.” We will be voting at the next meeting, Oct. 1, to pass it.

e. Reminder about remind! Text @vhsplayer to 81010 to keep up with meetings.

V. Unfinished business
a. In order to be a member turn in: yellow card, permission slip, $40 due today September 17th.
b. Thank you all who attended our District meeting last Thursday. Sign up for events on the wall. The 2015 districts theme is Stage invaders.
c. Sign up with the Remind 101 app!! Text @vhsplayer to 81010
d. Go to our webpage,, where you can sign up to receive emails when a new blog post has been posted.

VI. New business
a. Start thinking of T-shirt designs for Districts. More details will be posted soon.

VII. Next Meeting
October 1st

VIII. Adjournment
Morning meeting: 8.26 am
Afternoon meeting: 3.12 pm

Total in attendance: 24

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