Meeting Minutes!

Minutes picture

Yellow Cards

  • They are due NO LATER than September 25!
  •  We only have 21 our of 41 turned in!
  • If it is not turned in then you are not in the club!

Large Group Audition!

  • Large group is a HUGE commitment that you should think about.
  • If mornings are a conflict then large group is not for you.

T-Shirt Submissions

  • Club T-shirt designs are due buy the 25th of September.
  • If you are interested in designing a T-shirt for districts then see Ms. Rzepecki

Flaming Idiots

  • If you are interested in working the box office, or the house for Flaming Idiots talk to Ms. Rzepecki.

Ad sales!

  • Don’t forget to start selling ads!
  • Every member is required to sell ONE AD.

The next meeting is September 25 🙂

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