Absolutely! {perhaps} Cast List

Our first rehearsal is tomorrow. We will have a read-thru and finalize paperwork. We do not have a Stage Manager yet, so bear with me.

Lamberto Laudisi: Zackery C.

Amalia Agazzi: Rebekah L.

Dina Agazzi: Dakota S.

Maid: Elizabeth B.

Signora Sirelli: Cassandra S.

Signor Sirelli: Matthew R.

Signora Cini: Caroline J.

Councillor Agazzi: Daniel H.

Signora Frola: Jasmine Henry

Signor Ponza: Chris D.

Signora Nenni: Lauren E.

Inspector: Katie D.

Mayor: John G.

Signora Ponza: Kelsey P.

Townspeople (these will be individual speaking parts):

Sadie C. & Diane C.

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