Updated District Schedule


*L Adult language

*S Sexual situations

*D Frank talk of death

*SA Substance abuse

*V Violence

*R  Religious commentary

*P works related to prejudice or intolerance

7:45 am: Door and Time keepers meet in the breezeway outside of the Theatre. (Building 4)

8:00-8:30 am in Theatre the following need to attend doorkeeping/timekeeping training:

Elizabeth B, Lauren E, Daniel H, Caroline J, Veda L, Destynee S, Arshay G, Caitlin T, Megan W.

8:30 am: All VHS Players meet in the breezeway outside of the Theatre (Building 4) for badge, t-shirt, day pass, lanyard, etc. distribution.

9:00 am: Cassandra; Publicity

9:15 am: Brynna; Make-up Design

9:32 am: Rebekah; Pantomime

10:04 am: Zackery; Solo Musical

10:12 am: Jasmine; Solo Musical

10:20 am: Kelsey; Solo Musical
Christopher; Playwrighting *SA

10:45 am-12:00 pm: Caitlin, Destynee, Daniel; Ensemble Acting Room

11:00 am: Jasmine & Cassandra; Playwrighting *L, P, S, SA, V
Rebekah; Costume Construction

11:40 am: Zackery & Cassandra; Duet Musical *S, V

11:48 am: Kelsey & Noah; Duet Musical

12:00 pm-1:00 pm: Lunch. Food will be available on campus. If you decide to leave for lunch, be aware that students are NOT ALLOWED to transport students, and you MUST check out and check back in with MRS. Rzepecki (Ms. Rzepecki’s mom).

1:00 pm: Veda, Lauren, Caroline; Ensemble Acting Room (until 2:15 pm)
Mariah; Costume Design (requests no observers)
Jasmine; Monologues *D, L, R, SA, V
Kelsey; Scholarships (I believe this is a closed audition)

1:15 pm: Brynna; Costume Design

1:16 pm: Katie-Marie; Monologues *R                              

2:00 pm-3:15 pm: Arshay, Megan, Elizabeth; Ensemble Acting Room

2:30 pm: Calder & Co.; Small Group Musical *R

3:00 pm-4:30pm: Caitlin, Destynee, Daniel; Ensemble Acting Room

4:00 pm: Barrett & Co.; Large Group Musical

~4:15 pm: Dinner Break. Stay available! If you are Critic’s Choice you will perform in Closing                             Ceremonies and will need to be at the rehearsal, time: TBD.

~7:30 pm: Closing Ceremonies in CF Theatre. Seating preference will be given to students and chaperones first. Day passes will be limited to remaining available seats.

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