August 24th

VHS Players FIRST MEETING!! August 24th

  • Started at 8:19am
  • Yellow card due and $30 payment the 14 of September!  NO CARD, NO CLUB. The $30 includes your club shirt.
  • Fall show info: 5 guys 5 girls.

“Musical Comedy Murders of 1940”

Sept 10-12 are auditions, come to only one. Nothing needs to be prepared.

Shows are Oct 18-20

  • DISTRICTS November 30 and December 1.

Location: CF

Can’t go to state without going to districts.

DISTRICT THEMES. Start thinking about what you would like the theme to be. Include District 12 and Thespians.

More information and signups will be detailed at the next meeting on Sept. 7

  • IMPROV SHOWS Nov. 7, 14th, (21st) and 28th.

Dec. 5th and 12th

  • Meeting dates, every other Friday.  Mark them in your calendar, there won’t always be an announcement to remind you.

Sept 7 and 21

Oct 5 and 19

Nov 2 and 16

Dec 7 and 14

Jan 4 and 25

Feb 8 and 22

March 1,8 and (15 state going people)

April 5 and 19

May 3,17 and 31(?)

3 consecutive absences will result in cut from the club! 

  • Christmas Parade.



Will cover more next meeting BE THERE

  • ADS

Pick them up from Rzepecki.

No need to explain! All info in brochure.

FLYERS plaster the city!!!

Go down the car line


Facebook, twitter, website!!


*Sign up for email updates on the website.

Facebook: Vanguard Drama

Twitter: @vhsplayers


Morning: 18

Afternoon: 27

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