“Joseph” Cast List

Congratulations to the following actors:
First rehearsal will be Monday at 3:30 in Ms. Rzepecki’s room. Please bring something to record your music!!!

Thank you to everyone that sang for us!!

Joseph- Christian Sierra
Narrator- Victoria Sexton
Jacob- Rick Lankford
Potiphar- Zach Estes
Pharaoh- Jacob Lenamond
Gad/Butler- Gregory Chandler
Issachar/Baker- Alex Blaznik
Mrs.Potiphar/Wife- Dakota Storm
Reuben- Zack Calder
Simeon- Kelsey Plante
Levi- Jensen Dillard
Naphtali- Melissa Kays
Asher- Jasmine Henry
Dan- Rebekah Leppert
Zebulon- Carl Broughton
Benjamin- Alvin Gordian
Judah- Gabe Prieto
Wives- Melissa Gillum, Lauren Ellers, & Caroline Jackson

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