Sept. 1, 2011



Yellow cards

dues: $30

due Sep 15 (Next Meeting)


Oak Hall in Gainesville

Only I.E.s (Individual Events: Solo/Duet/eEnsemble acting, Solo,Duet/Small Group/ Large Group musical, and Tech events.)

You can participate in up to four events, five people per event

$25 entry fee plus $5 per event


March- The week before spring break in Tampa. (Wed-Fri)

**If you audition for Large Group and make it in, you must be committed and go to State

Fall Show-

12 Angry Jurors

pairing up with Belleview and Forest.

Sep. 19-21 are Auditions at Forest

Shows are Wed-Sat. the week before Thanksgiving.

Rehearsals- Mon-Thurs. from 4:15-6:15

Other News-

Improv- Every Wed. at 8:15

Merlins Magic- Theme:Under the Sea (If you are a Playwright see Ms. Rzepecki)

Drama club online: FB-Vanguard Drama,Twitter, & Website

Next Meeting vote on Large Group (Story of My Life or What is this Feeling)


Improv Shows

Car washes

Hot Dog Sales (Christmas Parade)

24 Hour Play

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