State 2017

Please turn in the paperwork no later than THIS FRIDAY. Payment will not be due until February 3rd, but I must have your intentions no later than Friday! IF I DO NOT RECEIVE YOUR PAPERWORK BY FRIDAY, YOU ARE STATING THAT YOU ARE NOT ATTENDING STATE, AND YOU WILL NOT BE REGISTERED. Click HERE for the paperwork.


Congratulations to all of our thespians that performed or presented yesterday. You all did a fabulous job and I’m very proud of all of you. Since there is a new rule that only Superiors may advance to State, the following will represent us in March: Playwriting: Chris D. Costume Design: Mariah H. Publicity: Elizabeth B. … More State

28 August 2013 Minutes

Introduction of officers (see homepage) Make a t-shirt design- submit it by September 20th, and incorporate Nelson, troupe 1003 Districts- competing at CF, multiple schools compete in individual events both performance and technical, and is on Dec. 6-7, will have sign-ups closer to districts (check out!) Officers- meeting Sept. 7th for theme ideas. Tell us your ideas about what … More 28 August 2013 Minutes


The following events will represent Troupe 1003 at the State Thespian Festival in March. Kelsey Plante Solo Musical Zack Calder Solo Musical Jasmine Henry Solo Musical Henry & Leppert Pantomime Alex Blaznik Monologues Kirsten Wellborn Publicity Rebekah Leppert Costume Construction There will be 3-4 open slots for girls to attend state, to observe, at full … More State

Ad Sales!

The student that raises the most money in ad sales will have a choice: a free trip to State (registration fees and hotel paid in full) OR a $100 Visa gift card. Deadline: October 29th. Go! Go! Go! Sell! Sell! Sell!


We saw “Parade” last night at Blake High School. It was excellent. Nelson got all dressed up and had a good time too!